Cold-stirred sheep's milk soap

Natural care for body and soul!

It is the most gentle type of making soap. Handmade soap regulates the moisture content of the skin positively. The amount of unsaponified fat in the finished natural soap replaces a part of the washed skin fat and makes the skin soft - no tension feeling, no more drying out.


For our cold-stirred soaps we only use high-quality vegetable fats. We mainly use palm oil, coconut fat and olive oil from controlled organic cultivation, which are decisive for the mildness, richness and creaminess of our soaps. The skin-friendly sheep wool fat lanolin serves as a moisturizer and suppler of the skin. The sheep milk soothes the sensitive skin and gives the soap a wonderful creamy consistency.


The finest oils and essences give the soap its natural perfume. Selected herbs and flowers serve as a juicy peeling - they let the skin breathe again. Our cold-stirred soaps are produced WITHOUT  any chemical additives and preservatives. Within the scope of the cold stirred soap production, the by-product glycerin is produced, which is completely retained in the cold-stirred soap. High-quality glycerin acts soothing and moisturizing - it keeps the skin supple and gives vitality.


The cold-soaked soaps are stored for 2 to 3 months to obtain their mildness and hardness during this period. At the end of this process the soaps are decorated in our studios by people with handicap.